• Robin's professional experience is encompassing almost three decades in multiple positions and roles across various countries. Before setting sail with Tienli in 2011, Robin has been engaged as a product specialist, media-specialist, writer, lecturer, consultant and he has been part of global management for a leading healthcare company.

    Robin Stock

    Director & Co Founder

  • Born in Taiwan and educated in the United States, Daphne has been working with focus on marketing, sales and communication for almost 30 years and across several countries. Before beginning her journey with Tienli, Daphne held several senior management positions in the healthcare industry.

    Daphne Wang

    Director & Co-Founder

  • Stephan brings along decades of experience in marketing, sales and communication. While being based in Dubai, his expertise is sought after across the globe, making him a true cosmopolitan and permanent traveler. Stephan is part of Tienli's management team, where he tracks projects in the area of healthcare and food & beverages.

    Stephan Scherrer

    Business Development

  • Arthur's professional background covers well over 30 years in the capacity of a food & dairy technician, plant-engineer, plant-manager and B2B director. Based in beautiful Bavaria, Arthur supports Tienli and it's customers mainly in the area of dairy, supplement formulation and regulatory affairs.

    Arthur Pöllath

    Senior Specialist Food Technology and Production

  • Gary is founder of the well-known Ching-Hai Law Firm, one of Chinas most reputable legal chamber. Gary’s experience stretches across 24 years of being legal counsel in Mainland China and Taiwan for multiple corporations and government agencies. Gary is based in Taiwan and communicates in Mandarin and English.

    Chi Chih Shih (Gary)

    Senior Legal Counsel, Attorney at Law

  • Kalman is an outstanding talent in the field of industrial engineering. During the past 40 years he has developed highly sophisticated technical air management and filter applications used today in the pharmaceutical, chemical and nuclear industry around the world. Beyond his technical ingenuity and being both German and Hungarian, Kalman is running his factories and engineering offices in German and Hungary.

    Kalman Andrasfalfy

    Senior Expert Industrial Engineering

  • Ulrich has a solid background in food sciences as well as economics and over the course of almost 40 years, he has held key-positions with well-known firms such as Oetker, Kraft, Polariod and the Young & Rubicam Group. Ulrich is based in Germany and supports Tienli as liaison for merger & Acquisition projects as well as with international business development.

    Ulrich Sprandel

    Senior Consultant Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Wayne has more than 14 years MNC IT experience in various roles. He has held key-positions with well-known healthcare firms such as Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi. He has strong in IT management and business acumen. He has the proven track records on IT strategy planning, execution and solid project management skill. He has the rich experience on enhancing the new capabilities to enable the business and process optimization. He is based in Shanghai with outstanding communication in Mandarin and English.

    Wayne Zhang

    Information Technology